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Our Founders
Stern Tigler
Julian Tigler
Ezra Lavenda
Noah Berman
What Drives Us?

After years of work in the sun with various engineering and construction companies we realized the sun is Israel’s greatest natural resource. We started researching how to best promote solar power and came across a problem: panels are considered out of reach for most middle-class families. We decided to solve this and bring an American approach to customer service to the industry in Israel.

Who are we?

The company’s four founders come from a diverse professional background and were educated at elite American universities such as Duke and Cornell moving to Israel with the goal of strengthening Israel’s green-tech sector. We strive to give you the best possible experience throughout the installation process, aided by our highly trained and attentive staff. Our installation, success, and engineering teams are all dedicated to our shared vision of providing an affordable solar option that puts the customer at the heart of everything.

What do we offer?

With Kedma you get the highest quality materials and service for your PV system, as part of our integrated turnkey service, whether your installing on your home, business, warehouse, or barn. We believe that synergy breeds success and bring all of the solutions under one roof – without outsourcing. We take care of you from the first conversation through maintenance and cleanings. Our easy financing options mean that everyone can go solar regardless of the cost.

Installation Team

Our installation teams are the heart of the company. We have over 25 certified solar installers that are eager to help you make the switch to solar. We make it a point to employ a number of olim chadashim (new immigrants) both to help them get a solid start in Israel and because of their inherent feel for customer service. We are proud to install with our own employees and not secondary contractors.

Customer Success

Our goal is to help you get your dream PV system with the highest level equipment with as little wait time as possible. As a result, before joining our sales team, every representative spends a full month on an installation crew learning the technical details of solar with their own hands. We make sure that our whole success team, including sales and customer service, know the ins-and-outs of solar in order to give you the best tailor-made solutions.

ניצן כרם, יועץ מכירות

אמיר שמש, יועץ מכירות

מתן שילוח, מנהל מכירות

Planning and Engineering

Our engineers know how to plan all of the aspects of your system to optimize output and ROI. All of our engineers install for at least one month before joining the planning team to ensure hands on knowledge of the ins and outs of solar. We believe that when an engineer knows how their plan will be executed they can make a better product.

Our Partners

In order to give you the best possible product we have partnered with industry leaders in Israel and abroad. All of our panels are from tier 1 providers from the Bloomberg New Energy Finance report. We use SolarEdge inverts, an Israeli product and global leader in system efficiency due to their unique technological innovations. We choose to only work with the best so that we can give you the best.

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