About Us

Stern Tigler
Ezra Lavenda
Noah Berman
The Company

Our founding team possess a diverse professional background including experience in project and construction management, marketing, executive leadership, and green sector research.

At Kedma Solar we strive to give our clients the best possible experience throughout the installation process, aided by our highly trained and attentive staff and “American style” customer service. Our team is dedicated to our shared mission of providing an affordable solar option that puts the customer at the heart of everything

What Drives Us?

The sun is Israel’s greatest natural resource. Kedma was founded to help us all capitalize on the sunlight to help create a more equitable, responsible, and the clean electricity grid. Our mission is to bring professional solutions and high-quality service to a market that is sorely lacking in both and let more families, businesses, and institutions make the world better and profit by switching to solar power.

What We Do

With Kedma you get the highest quality materials and service for your PV system whether your installing on your home, business, warehouse, or barn. We believe in a true “turn-key” service that integrates all aspects of your project under one roof. We have the staff to deal with any issue that may arise from your first inquiry through system maintenance. In addition, our easy financing options mean that everyone can go solar regardless of the cost. Let our team take care of everything for you

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סולארי מסחרי

Installation Team

Our installation teams are the heart of the company. We have over 35 certified solar installers that are eager to help you make the switch to solar. We make it a point to employ a number of Olim Chadashim (new immigrants) both to help them get a solid start in Israel and because of their inherent feel for customer service. We are proud to work only with our own in-house installers and not with outside contractors.

Solar Consultant Team

Nitzan Kerem,

Sales Consultant


Etai Rimer,

Sales Consultant

Amir Shemesh, Senior Consultant

Each of our consultants begin their on-the-job training by working as part of an installation team on a number of projects to become true solar experts. We specialize in understanding our customers' needs and do everything in our power to help you maximize your roof's potential.

Roy Reshef, Chief Enginer

Eduardo  Fainsod, Electrical Engineer

Planning and Engineering

Solid engineering is the basis of quality installation. Our engineers plan all of the aspects of your system in order to optimize your energy output and ROI. All of our engineers go through an interdepartmental training program that includes training in installation and site surveys to increase their technical knowledge. Integrating our engineers into all aspects of the installation promotes better quality plans and better outcomes for our customers.

Our Partners

In order to give you the best possible product, we have partnered with industry leaders in Israel and abroad. All of our panels are from tier 1 providers from the Bloomberg New Energy Finance report. We use SolarEdge inverters, an Israeli product, and global leader in system efficiency due to their unique technological innovations. We choose to only work with the best so that we can give you the best.


"We established Kedma Solar to bring to Israel solutions of clean and affordable energy for every home"


Stern Tigler, Founder and CEO, Kedma Solar